De cabo a rabo

O guia mais compreensivo para aprender espanhol jamais escrito

Having studied under professors from almost every Spanish-speaking country in the world, as well as through his own extensive world travels through Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia, Faulkner has acquired a profound and global understanding of the Spanish language and the diverse cultures of those who speak it. De cabo a rabo is your chance to tap into that experience.

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Gramática, broken down into 30 manageable units, explains, in detail, everything there is to know about Spanish grammar. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, this is the only guide you’ll ever need to push you to the next level. Gramática answers questions you never knew you had and delves into subtleties other books don’t dare to wade into. If you want to attain the elusive superior level, you need De cabo a rabo: Gramática.



Vocabulario, broken down into 30 themed units, complements Gramática unit by unit, giving you context to learn the grammar and expand your vocabulary. If you master Vocabulario, you’ll not only be able to effectively contribute to conversations on just about every daily topic you come across with native speakers, you’ll also impress the heck out of them.

Vocabulario - Audiobook  now available on Audible & iTunes!
  • Every Spanish entry read by native speakers from six different countries: Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, & Ecuador

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Actividades, broken down into 30 workable units, goes hand-in-hand with Gramática and Vocabulario, providing fun and challenging practice every step of the way. For bonus activities, like crossword puzzlesvocabulary quizzes, and unit tests, as well as answer keys, click here.



Actividades, (edição em português) dividido em 30 unidades práticas, acompanha lado-a-lado Gramática e Vocabulario, fornecendo exercícios divertidos e desafiantes em cada etapa. Para obter as respostas e atividades extras, como palavra-cruzadasquestionários de vocabulário e teste das unidades, assim como respostas, clique here.



Vocabulario/Gramática, two great titles packed into one single book. This provides schools a more convenient purchasing option.

Hardback available for schools with minimum quantity purchase. Contact the author directly for details.

SPANISH TEACHERS: If you teach Spanish and are looking for a curriculum, just extra resources to use with your students, or a no-fluff guide to help you polish your own skills, look no further. This is it, A to Z, beginning to end, start to finish, or as the saying goes in Spanish: de cabo a rabo. To see unit-by-unit scaffolding, click here.

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