Audiovisual Enrichment

Unidades 11-20


When it comes to directing your own language learning, you'll need as much quality audio support as you can get your ears on. In addition to De cabo a rabo: Vocabulario - Audiobook, the following resources will complement your written work and enrich your learning experience. Check back frequently for updates.

  • For my song recommendations, Google the lyrics and listen 3 or 4 times until you can sing along. My playlist =>

  • For my video series recommendations, try watching each episode multiple times until you start to know what the characters are going to say before they say it.

  • For my YouTube recommendations, turn on the subtitles and change them to Spanish in the settings.

  • For my podcast recommendations, read the transcripts first, then try to follow along with the audio narration a second time through, then maybe give them a third and final listen without the transcripts.

  • Give these suggestions a try. If you aren't having fun, you're doing it wrong! If you hit a wall, drop me a line.

Your daily homework - Select comic, click on "read now" (don't worry about what you don't understand; just keep reading every day).


Recommended use: space out over the following 10 Unidades


To get the most out of each of the 52 thirty-minute episodes, go to the episode guide and scroll to #53-58

  • Practice the "vocabulario" associated with each episode

  • Practice the "gramática" associated with each episode

  • Practice your listening skills with the "dictado"

  • Test your knowledge with the "prueba"

  • Read the "cultura" if available

"Destinos - An Introduction to Spanish"

Unidad 11

Maná - México, Pablo Alborán - España

Reik - México

Carlos Vives - Colombia, Shakira - Colombia

Reik - México, Tommy Torres - EE. UU. (Puerto Rico) 

Sr. Wooly - "Billy la bufanda"

Unidad 12

Paty Cantú - México, Andrés Cepeda - Colombia

Manuel Medrano - Colombia

Jesse & Joy - México

"Las matemáticas son para siempre"

Juanes - Colombia

Sr. Wooly - "Sé chévere"

Unidad 13

Juanes - Colombia

Pedro Capó - EE. UU. (Puerto Rico)

La 5ª Estación - España

Américo - Chile

Nabález - Colombia, Morat - Colombia

Fonseca - Colombia

Unidad 14

Maná - México

Marta Sánchez - España, Carlos Baute - Venezuela

Soraya - EE. UU. (colombiana)

Jesse & Joy - México, J. Balvin - Colombia

Juanes - Colombia

Unidad 15

Jesse & Joy - México

Manuel Medrano - Colombia

Diego Torres - Argentina

Maná - México

pastor, carnitas, canasta, asada, barbacoa, guisado, suadero, cochinita, cabrito, American taco, burrito, birria, pescado ...

* Don't worry about what you don't understand. Just press play and enjoy! 

"Taco Chronicles"

Street Food - Latin America.png

Episodio 1 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Episodio 3 - Oaxaca, México

Episodio 4 - Lima, Perú

Episodio 5 - Bogotá, Colombia

Episodio 6 - La Paz, Bolivia

* Don't worry about what you don't understand. Just press play and enjoy! 

"Street Food: Latin America"

Unidad 16

Elefante - México

Juanes - Colombia

Ricky Martin - EE. UU. (Puerto Rico)

J. Balvin - Colombia, Willy William - Francia

Darrell - EE. UU. (Puerto Rico)

Unidad 17

Elefante - México

Sin Bandera - Argentina y México

Vicentico - Argentina

Rosana - España

Ricky Martin - EE. UU. (P. R.), Mario Domm - México

Unidad 18

Juanes - Colombia

Juanes - Colombia

Marc Anthony - EE. UU. (puertorriqueño)

Julieta Venegas - EE. UU. (mexicana)

Reik - México, J. Balvin y Lalo Ebratt - Colombia

La 5ª Estación - España

Unidad 19

Maná - México

Carlos Vives - Colombia

Elefante - México

Jarabe de Palo - España, La Mari - España

Juanes - Colombia, Lalo Ebratt - Colombia

Unidad 20

Reik - México

Lele Pons - Venezuela

Julieta Venegas - EE. UU. (mexicana)

Jeremias - Reino Unido (venezolano)

"Pensamiento mágico pendejo"


Recomendaciones a la carta

prensa escrita.jpg
word reference.jpg
story learning spanish.jpg
charlas hispanas.jpg

"Juanes - Tigo Music Sessions"

"Maná - En vivo desde... Nueva York"

Time to sit back, relax and enjoy

    If you've completed Unidad 20 and you've been studying the lyrics of most, if not all, of my unit-by-unit song recommendations, I applaud you.

    For all your hard work to get to this point, I invite you to put down the pencil and paper, grab a drink, and put all your hard work to use by simply relaxing and enjoying two of my favorite bands performing in more candid, intimate settings.

Viggo Mortensen

¿A que no sabías que hablaban español?

Gwyneth Paltrow

Freddie Highmore