Bring Spanish Into Focus in 2017!

The year 2017 is upon us! Have you made any new resolutions? Is one of them to improve your Spanish? What could that do for your career? What doors could it open for you down the road? My resolution for the new year is to help as many people as possible improve their Spanish. Maybe you are a healthcare worker and seek to improve patient care in Spanish. Perhaps you are in marketing or advertising and want to expand to a new Spanish-speaking market. Whatever professional motivations you may have for learning Spanish, I want to help.

My new Spanish-language guide (coming out in 2017) is the product of more than 25 years of obsession with the Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American cultures. I love to travel the Spanish-speaking world every chance I get in order to fine-tune my ear to new accents; learn new regionalisms, idiomatic expressions, and slang; and meet amazing new people. When I'm teaching or writing about Spanish to help others, I am truly happy.

This coming year, in the spirit of my new resolution, I'm going to hold a weekly "Improve Your Spanish" Meetup in Boulder, Colorado and offer a weekly Spanish tip right here on this site. Whether you take advantage of my weekly Spanish offerings or resolve to do the things that truly make you happy, I wish you all the best. ¡Feliz y próspero Año Nuevo!

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