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Unidades 11-20


When it comes to directing your own language learning, you'll need as much quality audio support as you can get your ears on. In addition to De cabo a rabo: Vocabulario - Audiobook, the following resources will complement your written work and enrich your learning experience. Check back frequently for updates.

  • For my song recommendations below, Google the lyrics and listen 3 or 4 times until you can sing along.

  • For my video series recommendations below, try watching each episode multiple times until you start to know what the characters are going to say before they say it.

  • For my YouTube video recommendations below, don't miss the closed-captioning option (CC), when available.

  • For my podcast recommendations below, read the transcripts first, then try to follow along with the audio narration a second time through, then maybe give them a third and final listen without the transcripts.

  • Give these suggestions a try. If you aren't having fun, you're doing it wrong! If you hit a wall, drop me a line.

What the experts are saying about directing your own learning

Your daily homework - Select comic, click on "read now" (don't worry about what you don't understand; just keep reading every day).

Unidades 11-20

Recommended use: space out over the following 10 Unidades


To get the most out of each of the 52 thirty-minute episodes, go to the episode guide and scroll to #53-58

  • Practice the "vocabulario" associated with each episode

  • Practice the "gramática" associated with each episode

  • Practice your listening skills with the "dictado"

  • Test your knowledge with the "prueba"

  • Read the "cultura" if available

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Unidad 20

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