Unit-by-Unit Scaffolding

Unidad 1 – learn how to greet others and answer basic personal questions


Unidad 2 – describe yourself and your favorite activities


Unidad 3 – talk about school and work, your routine actions, and time of day


Unidad 4 – describe how and where you are; where you are going; and express preferences, desires, and abilities


Unidad 5 – describe meals, your favorite foods, likes and dislikes


Unidad 6 – talk about family and other people in your life


Unidad 7 – describe your clothing and shopping habits and preferences


Unidad 8 – discuss where you are going and what you are doing, including the weather


Unidad 9 – describe your home, its furnishings and how frequently you do chores


Unidad 10 – identify body parts, discuss how you feel and what to do when you are sick


Unidad 11 – ask for directions, discuss shopping, banking, and other errands in the present and past


Unidad 12 – talk about who and what you know and your responsibilities at school or on the job


Unidad 13 – discuss your morning and nighttime routines with exceptions in the past


Unidad 14 – discuss fashion, shopping and the weather in the past and present


Unidad 15 – describe food preparation and restaurant etiquette, including ordering food


Unidad 16 – talk about sports and games, past and present actions including successes and failures


Unidad 17 – discuss your childhood activities (what you used to do), along with toys and pets


Unidad 18 – talk about your extended family, greetings, celebrations and traditions


Unidad 19 – plan a future trip, navigate the airport, give and follow instructions (commands)


Unidad 20 – describe people and their behavior, good manners (Ud. vs. tú), and volunteer opportunities


Unidad 21 – discuss the advantages and disadvantages of urban, suburban, and rural life


Unidad 22 – comment on television, movies, and theater, including censorship and cultural norms


Unidad 23 – debate environmental ethics, our rights and responsibilities, and the future of our planet


Unidad 24 – tell ghost stories, debate religion and the Zodiac, and discuss mysteries and conspiracy theories


Unidad 25 – know your body and discuss with medical staff (or your patients) all things medical


Unidad 26 – describe your home, from everyday life to the contents of your junk drawer and tool shed


Unidad 27 – discuss science, the importance of scientific advancement, and its impact on technology


Unidad 28 – talk about crime and punishment, and discuss how to improve the criminal justice system


Unidad 29 – debate all things political, from free elections and international treaties to war and peace


Unidad 30 – sound like a native speaker by learning idiomatic expressions, proverbs and other sayings

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