Coming 2021/2022

Al fin y al cabo
A Follow-up to the "De cabo a rabo" Series

If you've completed the entire De cabo a rabo series, units 1-30 in all four books, you could gain plenty by going back and doing it all over again to help solidify the concepts. That said, you're probably up for new challenges and that's where Al fin y al cabo ("When it was all said and done") comes in. But this time around, there are no units, there are no limits.


Actividades - All your classic favorites like "absurdo o normal," "todo menos," and word scramble are back and better than ever. You'll also find refreshingly new activities, now that your skills are primed for them, and it won't take long before you add them to your list of greatest hits. Everything you have learned in De cabo a rabo is in play, so you may want to have Vocabulario and Gramática "al alcance de la mano."

Relatos y análisis - New, advanced stories for the advanced reader will put what you've learned in De cabo a rabo to the test. Each "relato" will also introduce new vocabulary and challenge you with comprehension questions, content-analysis questions, grammar-analysis questions, and a related writing prompt.

The only thing is ... I have to finish writing them! In the meantime, check out my sneak peeks.

Book 1

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Book 2

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