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Boulder, CO, U.S.A.

Purchase Options for Schools

  • Retail option may be best for small to medium orders if your school has the option.​

  • Digital option: Kindle Whispercast may be the perfect solution if your students have access to iPads, Chromebooks, Kindle readers, or any other technology that supports the Kindle Reading App.

  • For larger orders, schools can purchase directly through Flashforward Publishing. Contact the author for details on price, lead time and shipping options.

What De cabo a rabo - Spanish is and is not:

  • De cabo a rabo - Vocabulario/Gramática is one textbook for all levels (Vocabulario and Gramática also available as individual titles). Students seamlessly transition from one course to the next. Students who need a simple review or significant remediation will have it at their fingertips with a book they are already familiar with from their previous course(s). Students who are ready to charge ahead also have individual advancement at their fingertips. Any student that jumps into your program midstream from some other background will have instant access to everything that their new classmates have had access to up to that point. What they are expected to know or have previously learned will not be an abstract expectation or mystery. Vocabulario is also available in audiobook for free on our website.

  • De cabo a rabo - Actividades is one workbook that will take each student every step of the way from the first day of their first course to the last day of their last course. As a consumable course resource, students will make this workbook their own and carry it forward from course to course for as long as they are in your program.​​

  • De cabo a rabo - Lectura is a reader that increases in linguistic complexity with each chapter, inspiring students to keep learning and pushing their knowledge and skill sets in order to see where the story leads. Each unit of Vocabulario and Gramática unlocks new vocabulary and new grammatical structures (underlined throughout the respective chapter), which become fair game in Lectura for that corresponding chapter and beyond. You can have your students read at home and discuss in class, read aloud with their classmates during class time, or even rotate groups to perform chapters in front of the class. Lectura is also available in audiobook.

  • The more you, as the teacher, know the books, the quicker and more easily you will be able to direct your students to the topic in question, whether it be contained within the current course or outside of its scope.​

  • The De cabo a rabo - Spanish series is pure language. It was carefully and meticulously crafted to provide you with a roadmap from beginning to end. Simply put, it's the most elaborate and detailed scope and sequence you've ever seen. It is the "WHAT" that keeps you and your students on track and in sync with your colleagues in your department. When a student transitions from one course to another, each teacher can have confidence in WHAT language skills and content the students were previously exposed to.

  • The De cabo a rabo - Spanish series is not the teacher. It's not the class or course. It's not a teaching method or an approach. It makes no attempt to tell you "HOW" to teach, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Each teacher/department must determine the HOW, the method, the approach that best works for them. You will not find "big c" culture like art and architecture or "little c" culture like family traditions and festivals in these books. You will not find stock photos or silly clipart in these books. You will not find music, cinema or other performing arts in these books. And that is not to say that they aren't all important and relevant to your Spanish-language classroom. Your personal cultural experiences, anecdotes and photos, your love of art or architecture, your knowledge of theater, music, dance, etc. are how your students will connect. You don't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the language itself; I did that for you, but, as the teacher, with your passions, your creativity and your ability to read your students, you are what makes your class your class.

Placement Tests

My comprehensive unit tests also serve as placement tests

Unidades 1-5

Unidades 6-10

Unidades 11-15

Unidades 16-20

Unidades 21-25

Unidades 26-30

Spanish for the Love of It -


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High Schools and University programs:

With your adoption of the De cabo a rabo - Spanish series, your students will get free access to these same student resources that my private students get! Ask me how!

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